Bryanna's Buttah

The write up for the Buttah is on Weekly Vegan Menu.

There are three components to this dish:
The Ingredients
The Equipment
The Procedure
The Result

First you will need the recipe. Get it here
For more information about ingredients, go here
NOTE: You must get the recipe and read the directions. 
Bryanna has specific directions for a few key things.

The Ingredients

Now you will need the ingredients.

From the top.
Soy Lecithin
Xantham Gum (or Guar Gum)
Lemon Juice

From the left.
Milk (vegan)
Cocoa Butter

The Equipment

Now for the equipment.

You will need a mold (I am using silicone large ice cube trays), quart glass jar or other tall container, stick blender and digital scale. Bryanna has more information about the scale at the link above. You will also need a pot and a bowl to melt the cocoa butter on the stove or just a bowl for the microwave.

The Procedure

Here we go!

Measure your cocoa butter. (Don't use the above measurement; it is not accurate.)

Using a whisk, whisk the lemon juice, salt and milk in the container you will be blending in.

Next add the oil and the lecithin. 
Do not mix it.

Set it aside.

Melt your cocoa butter, in a double boiler or in the microwave.

Before you add the melted cocoa butter (in the front) and the gum, have your stick blender and mold at hand.

Add the cocoa butter.

Add the gum.




...can happen.

This was the emulsification. It can take up to a minute, but mine happened in less than 20 seconds. As soon as the mixture looks creamy and thick, you are done.

Do not waste time! 

Fill your molds...

...and place in the freezer immediately. 

The Result

There you go! Buttah! Delicious!

Thanks, Bryanna!