Outback - Alice Sprigs Chick'n and Aussie Fries

The write up for the Aussie Chick'n is on Weekly Vegan Menu.

There are three components to this dish:
The Cutlets
The Components
The Fries

The Cutlets

Combine the marinade ingredients.

Marinade the seitan pieces (or the reconstituted, but drained soy pieces (use twice as many soy as seitan) ) for an hour.

After the hour, drain the pieces and whisk in the veganaise.

In a hot pan with the oil, sear the cutlets on both sides until golden.

Now brush some of the marinade over each cutlet.

The Components

Sear the mushrooms in a hot pan. Wait until some color develops on them and their liquid has mostly evaporated before you turn or stir them.

Top your cutlets with the mushrooms.
(Actually I messed up, the bacon should go first.) 

Place 1 or two slices of the tofu or seitan bacon on each piece (depending on size of the cutlet).

I am using a combination of Daiya and Follow Your Heart for my cheeses. You can use all Daiya (soy free) or all Follow Your Heart or use homemade cheese.

Shred about a 1 cup of each for a mixture of 2 cups.

Top each cutlet with an equal amount of cheese.

Broil the cutlets until the cheese melts or a better option is to microwave them. Vegan cheese melts better using the microwave method than the oven method. If using the oven, covering with foil (to keep the heat in) helps.

The Fries

Cook the fries according to the double-fry method or using frozen fries.

When the fries are done, drain and top with vegan cheese.

Dice the tofu bacon or the seitan bacon and sprinkle on the cheese.

Broil the whole thing (making sure it is in an oven-safe container or microwave until the cheese melts.


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