Herbivore - Gnocchi

The write up for the Gnocchi is on Weekly Vegan Menu.

There are three components to this dish:
The Potato
The Kneading
The Boiling
The Potato

Bake your potatoes in their jackets on 400 for about an hour. Check to make sure they are fork-tender.

When ready, peel them. Try to do this as soon as you can because your potatoes need to be hot when you rice them.

Rice your potatoes using a potato ricer or a food mill. Mill the potatoes over a cookie sheet and do not touch them. They must remain nice and fluffy.

Another option is to mill them over a bowl and gently empty them onto the cookie sheet.

Put your potatoes in the fridge and let them cool completely.

The Kneading

When the potatoes are totally cool, empty them onto a kneading/cutting board.

Sprinkle flour onto the potatoes (snow on the mountains).

Begin kneading the dough. If your dough is too sticky, add more flour. Be careful - the object is to add just enough flour and not too much. You want the dough not tacky, but not dense.

Roll the dough into a large log.

Cut the log into equal parts.

Cut each equal part in half.

Sprinkle flour on your cookie sheet. This will be the 'landing' place for your gnocchi.

Roll each half into a snake by first squeezing a half to help it roll.

Roll this into a log.

Make four snakes, line them up and taking your scraper cut them into pieces. As you cut them fling them off the cutting board and onto the waiting cookie sheet.

Shake the pan to coat the gnocchi with flour so they don't stick to each other.

The Boiling

Bring a large pot to boil. When it is at a rolling boil, add the gnocchi.

When they begin to float, bring them up to a boil and keep cooking them. DO NOT remove them when they float because they are not ready yet. They need to boil for a minute or two to make them nice and light.

When ready, remove them and place them in your waiting sauce. Cook them in the sauce a bit and...


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