Bacon is pork belly with the skin removed. The raw meat is injected with a curing solution of liquid smoke, salt and other 'flavorings.'  It is then drenched with more liquid smoke to add flavor and color. Then it is baked on a low temperature for five hours. Here is the video.

To make vegan 'bacon' I use liquid smoke, tamari and nutritional yeast.

This Tofu 'Bacon' is very tasty and much better for you. I have not been able to find a better tasting vegan 'bacon' substitute.

For the write up, visit Weekly Vegan Menu.

There are two components to this dish:
The Crisping
The Flavoring

The Crisping

The first step is to wrap your tofu (firm or extra-firm) in a non-terry cloth kitchen towel. Doing this for overnight and putting it in the fridge is the best since most of the moisture will be removed. If you have a Tofu Press, it should work just as well.

Slice your tofu as thin as you like.

Heat a nonstick or cast iron enameled griddle on medium and lightly oil or spray it with oil. Add your slices of tofu.

When the tofu begins to seem very dry and the edges are getting darker, and you can lift the tofu easily from the pan (doesn't stick anymore), then you can check to see of it is golden on the underside.

If it is , flip it over.

Cook on the other side until that side is also nice and crispy and golden brown.

Remove to a plate to hold until all of the tofu slices are ready. I usually make two or three blocks of tofu at one time so I repeat this frying-and-holding pattern until they are all ready.

The Flavoring

When all of the tofu is ready, get your ingredients prepared:
4 T of nutritional yeast for each block (1 lb) of tofu
2 T tamari with  1 t liquid smoke for each block (1 lb) of tofu.

Put all of the tofu back on your griddle or pan and sprinkle with the nutritional yeast.

Mix them up as well as you can.

Now get ready! Pour all of the tamari/liquid smoke on your pile of tofu, as evenly as possible.

It will immediately begin to evaporate.

Without hesitation, begin to turn and mix the tofu with the tamari/liquid smoke. It will happen very fast and you need to get all of the tofu slices coated, so work fast.

The end result is a chewy, salty, smoky tofu slice that is fabulous on BLT's!

If you wish to make them very crisp, bake them on 400-450 but watch them very carefully.

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  1. Ooh, I like this method! So quick, and it gets rid of what I see as kinda pointless marinating.