The write-up for Benedict is on Weekly Vegan Menu.

There are four components to this dish:
The Tofu
The Bread
The "Meat"
The Sauce

The Tofu

Using soft tofu (or firm if you can't find soft), drain and rinse it.

Slice the block into fourths and slice each fourths into threes. This will yield 12 pieces.

Using a well-seasoned cast iron skillet or a nonstick pan, heat some oil or oil spray.

Begin to saute your tofu slices.

When they are nice and golden, flip them. You may have to do these in several batches, just put them to the side on a plate.

Assemble your simmering ingredients:
nutritional yeast, turmeric, pepper (do not use as much as I have in the picture!), and water.

When the last batch of tofu is ready, return all of the tofu slices to the skillet.

Add the simmering ingredients.

Including the water.

Try to mix things up as well as you can, but do not break the tofu.

Cover the skillet with a lid, bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer.

...and simmer for 10 minutes.

Setting a strainer over another pot, strain the tofu, discard the liquid and place the tofu in the pot.

Put a lid or a plate on it to keep the tofu warm.

The Sauce

To make the Hollandaise Sauce, you will need:
nondairy milk, Earth Balance, lemon juice, salt, pepper, turmeric, Dijon mustard, pinch of cayenne and veganaise.

Put all of these ingredients into a medium glass bowl.

Whisk together as well as you can, considering the butter is in a solid form.

Either microwave for 30 seconds or place the bowl over a pot of boiling water (a double boiler).

Whisk after each 30 seconds of microwaving.

And again, whisk and microwave for 30 seconds.
When all of the butter is melted and the sauce is nice and smooth and heated throughout, you are done with it.

If you are making Chipotle Hollandaise, add well minced and even blended chipotle from a can.

You can blend the entire can if you want to, or just use the back of your knife to grind the peppers into a paste. Either way, make sure to taste as you add so you don't over spice.

The Bread

Using a fork, break the English Muffins in half. You will need one package of 6 to make 12 Benedicts.

Place them on  a sheet tray and broil them until crispy on both sides.

The Meat

You may use Fakin Bakin (tempeh), soy meats, soy chorizo or thin seitan slices for the "meat" component.

In the same skillet you used for the tofu, heat the thin slices of meat. Make sure not to overcook them or they will get tough.

Both sides, please. Just until they get a nice color.

If you are using chorizo, just brown them until they are heated through and a little browned.

Now just assemble everything:
English Muffin

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