Cheesy Soup

The write up for Cheesy Broccoli Soup is on Weekly Vegan Menu.

There are three components to this dish:
The Vegetable
The Soup Base
The Cheesy Base

The Vegetable

I am making a Cheesy Broccoli Soup so I am using broccoli, but you can use cauliflower, asparagus, etc. Whichever vegetable you choose, steam it to your liking and reserve a nice portion for bite-size pieces for your soup.

If you are making broccoli soup, make sure to peel the stems ...

slice them up and steam them along with the florets. Reserve only florets for the garnish on the soup.

The Soup Base

Heat the oil in a large pot.

Add the onions and garlic and saute.

until they are golden.

Prepare the carrots and potatoes.

Add them to the onions.

Add the water.

Simmer the soup until the vegetables are very tender. The potatoes will be gummy unless you cook them until they are falling apart.

The Cheesy Base

When done, blend the soup base...

until it is creamy and cheesy looking.

Add the steamed vegetables to the soup base and blend as well. I blended the soup in three batches. Make sure not to fill more than half way to insure the soup doesn't blow on you.

Add the blended soup back into the cleaned pot.

Mix everything thoroughly.

Get your 'cheesy' part ready: nutritional yeast, salt and pepper.

Add them to the soup and mix well. Simmer for a few more minutes, heating everything thoroughly. Taste and adjust seasoning.


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